About the artist

Helena Kästel is based in Göteborg, a coastal city in Sweden. Her approach to art is explorative and her expression mainly abstract, inviting the beholder to interpret freely. The words that she uses to describe her art are rhythmic, natural, and colourful. With her art she wishes to spread the light and enrich people’s lives. 

Her paintings are created in an intuitive flow inspired by the precious moments in life and her inner imaginary world. Much of her inspiration also comes from her travels around the world as an international development consultant. Through encounters with people and cultures in Africa, Asia, and East Europe, she has been struck and inspired by the endless beauty, variety, and combination of colours and patterns.

As a child, she was fascinated by drawing, and loved to sit for hours, especially in her grandmother’s kitchen, which exuded ease, care, and love. As for many, the freedom to paint disappeared in her teens, and was replaced by a sense of insecurity. It was only many years later that she unexpectedly reopened the door to creation. What she believed to be a blockage was easily unlocked. Now she keeps the door wide open!

Close to her home she has an art studio where she hours fly away as she paints.

During summers, she has a special hide away on the island Öland, where she paints inspired by its special nature and light.

Solo exhibitions

Group exhibitions

”Bortom tid och rum”, RiverCity Gallery, Göteborg, August 2023″

”The Power of Now”, We & Deli, Göteborg, October 2022

”Lighten up” – Café au Thé, Göteborg, February 2022

”Som en dans” – Galleri Artha, Göteborg, September 2021.

”Urban Traffic”, Galleria Cael, Divulgarti group, Milano 2023

”Flight of the Butterfly”, Van der Plas Gallery, New York. August 2022

Art Shopping Expo, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, April 2022, with the Artio Gallery, Canada.

”I” The world revolves around me, Milan and Fuerteventura, January 2022. MADS Gallery.

Beyond time and space, RiverCity Gallery, August 2023,